Frequently Asked Questions

Birth & Death Certificates, how much/where can I purchase them?

Certificates are provided on request and payment of $23.00 for each certified copy. Additional charges apply if requesting certificates be sent through the mail.

The Youngstown City Health District's Vital Statistics, now located at 345 Oak Hill Avenue (the former South Side Hospital), can be contacted at 330.743.3333, extensions 222, 223, 224 or 225. Click here to be taken directly to the Health District's website. Click on Services Offered, then Vital Statistics for more information regarding these certificates.

Dead animals, who should we call for their removal?

You should contact Public Works at 330.742.8800, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

If the animal is blocking the roadway and it is after business hours shown above, please call 911.

Grass cutting on the neighboring property, who is responsible?

The quick answer is that the owner is responsible. However, in some circumstances the City of Youngstown will try to help. The department you call will depend on the machinery needed to cut the type of property. Here are the possibilities:

  • There is a vacant lot or a lot with a vacant house. Call the Grass Nuisance Department at 330.742.8806 or 330.744.3179.
  • If a neighbor refuses to keep the grass cut - Call Property Code Enforcement at 330.742.8888.

Illegal dumping - who should I contact?

Call Litter Control and Recycling at 330.744.7526 to report any illegal dumping.

Loud neighbors, car radios or boom boxes - who should I call?

Contact the Police Department at 330.742.8926.

Property: Who should I call to purchase next to mine that I have been taking care of for years?

You can contact the Mahoning County Auditor's office at 330.740.2010 or you can click here to visit their website and look up the owners of the property. Then you can make the owners an offer to purchase the lot.

If taxes are not being paid, you can contact the Mahoning County Treasurer at 330.740.2460 and request that a foreclosure be filed against the owner.

To check if the City of Youngstown has control of the property in the Land Bank Program, contact Karen Perkins of the Planning & Zoning Department at 330.742.8842.

Recycling wasn't picked up as scheduled - who should I call?

Contact Litter Control at 330.744.7526 if your recycling was not picked up as scheduled.

To find out what day during the week to recycle call the Litter Control & Recycling office at the above number Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:00 pm.

Street light is out - who should I contact?

To report a street light outage, please call FirstEnergy at 1.800.633.4766 or click here to submit a report online on the company's website.

Traffic lights/street signs down/damaged - who should I call?

Contact the Public Works Department at 330.742.8800 during business hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday thru Friday. If after hours, please call 330-743.2144.

Trash wasn't picked up as scheduled - who should I call?

Contact the Public Works Department at 330.742.8800 during working hours of 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Monday thru Friday.

Trees, who is responsible for their necessary cutting in the neighborhood?

The homeowners are responsible for trees on their property. If the tree is on the devil strip, call the Park Department at 330.742.8711.

What are the regulations regarding trash/garbage pickup?

The City of Youngstown Administration, in order to provide the citizens a more efficient and more economical service, has adopted a weekly schedule of combined garbage and rubbish pick-up, at the curb or edge of roadway.


The owner or occupier of any given lot shall place all refuse receptacles along the curb in front of such lot prior to 2:00 A.M. Every person maintaining a receptacle for trash or garbage shall be required to keep such receptacles in the rear of his residence, except for a period of twelve hours prior to collection and twenty-four hours subsequent to collection.


Approved receptacles shall be galvanized iron, plastic or of a non-rusting material of substantial construction, with tight-fitting covers and adequate handles as to be easily handled by one person, and in any case to have a capacity not in excess of 35 gallons and not less than 20 gallons. The mouth of the container shall have a diameter greater than or equal to that of the base. Receptacles shall be covered at all times and maintained in a sanitary and safe condition. Receptacles and its contents shall not exceed fifty pounds in total weight.

Plastic bags not less than a 20-gallon and not exceeding a 30-gallon capacity with a minimum thickness of 3 mils will be permitted, provided they do not contain any sharp objects. Total weight of a bag and its contents shall not exceed thirty-five (35) pounds.


Heavy oil drums, chemical drums, cardboard drums, plastic drums, paper bags, cardboard boxes, baskets, toters, carts, and the like, are not legal containers and will not be emptied by the collection crew. Recycle bins will NOT be emptied by garbage pick-up contractor.


  • “SOLID WASTE REFUSE” shall mean garbage and rubbish placed and stored together in a standard refuse container as required by this ordinance.
  • “GARBAGE” shall mean all protrusible animal or vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food in any private dwelling house.
  • “RUBBISH” shall mean all cardboard, plastic, metal or glass food containers, wastepaper, rags, sweepings, small pieces of wood, excelsior, rubber, leather, and similar waste materials that ordinarily accumulate around a home.


  • All garbage must be drained and wrapped in paper before being placed in refuse container.
  • Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic.
  • Cartons and boxes must be broken apart, laid flat and tied in bundles.
  • Grass, leaves, rags and other “soft” items must be in plastic bags and tied. Plastic bag size shall be no more than 30 gallon capacity, normally used as garbage can liner.
  • Shrubbery, trimmings, tree branches must be bundled and tied to facilitate loading by the collection crews. Maximum length of such bundles shall be 4 feet. Maximum weight 40 lbs.
  • Carpeting must be cut into strips four feet in length, rolled, and tied or taped to facilitate loading.
  • Appliances containing Freon such as, but not limited to, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc., cannot be put to the curb for collection until they are tagged by a certified refrigeration company.


  • Any refuse containing parasitic insects or pests that is not contained.
  • Construction and demolition waste, such as earth, stones, bricks, plaster, concrete, siding, lumber, paint, shingles, and other like items.
  • Auto parts, tires, batteries.
  • Human or animal excrement.
  • Hazardous refuse such as poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, soiled dressings, drugs, radioactive materials and like substances.

NO REFUSE will be collected from commercial establishments.