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Aerial view of City of Youngstown waste water plant


The Waste Water Treatment Facility, also one of the Public Works divisions, is located at 725 Poland Avenue and is a twenty-four hour a day operation. Superintendent Thomas Mirante can be reached at 330.742.8820 with any questions regarding their division.

Youngstown’s Waste Water Treatment Plant is ranked as one of the most modern in the country as a result of its innovative design for sludge handling. The capital investment made in 1989 to implement secondary treatment enabled the plant to meet modern EPA standards. The plant’s proper operation assures the clean and efficient processing of wastewater not only for customers in the City of Youngstown, but also to customers in other portions of Mahoning and Trumbull Counties.

The Youngstown Waste Water Treatment Plant is located south of the Mahoning River near the central portion of the city. The total area served by the Plant covers 41,510 acres, including 14,480 in Mahoning County, and 7,465 in Trumbull County. The original plant was built in 1963, and provided primary treatment, flocculation, clarification and disinfection. In 1977, Congress passed the Clean Water Act requiring higher standards for wastewater plants. In 1984, construction began on modifications to the primary treatment system and a total rebuilding of the sludge disposal system. In 1985, construction began on the secondary treatment facilities which include a secondary pump station, trickling filters, activated sludge aeration system and miscroscreens. The construction was completed and dedicated on April 28, 1989.

The current Youngstown Wastewater Treatment Plant represents approximately $90 million in public infrastructure investment since the early 1960’s, including the $50 million secondary treatment plant completed in 1989. The projects were funded by the U.S. and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies, the City of Youngstown and the Counties of Mahoning and Trumbull.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions not answered here?

If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact this office at the above listed email or phone 330.742.8820.

How can I reduce my sewer charges?

  • Conservation. Conserve water, make sure all drips and leaks are fixed in a timely manner and that toilets are in good working order.
  • For high volume users that may involve outside uses, such as landscape watering, that do not enter the sanitary sewer system, auxiliary metering systems are available. Contact the Water Department for details at 330.742.8746.

When it rains, the sewer backs up through the floor drain and floods my basement, what should I do?

Call the city's 24-hour Waste Water Treatment Plant at 330.742.8820 as soon as possible. While the problem may be in your private property line, you should always have a City crew check first for a blockage in the area before calling a private plumbing company. There is no charge for the City to check the main sewer in the area, which they can do from the nearest manhole. They will not need to enter your home and you do not have to be home when they are there. If you would like a follow-up on anything found, please let the staff member on the desk know to flag your request for a follow-up when you phone in the request.

Where can I obtain a map of my property’s sewer line?

Please visit our Sewer Permit Desk and Map Room weekdays at 26 South Phelps Street, 5th floor of City Hall or call 330.742.8806 for assistance. The information from the permit when the line was installed should be on file in this office.

Who should I call if I see someone dumping potentially hazardous waste in a stream or storm drain?

Call the City’s Pretreatment Section at 330.742.8820 immediately and your local EPA office at 1-800-282-9378 if you see someone dumping what you feel is potentially hazardous waste into any stream, river or storm drain.

Why are sewer charges higher than my water charges?

Treating both water and wastewater are expensive and involved processes. However, it costs more to treat wastewater than to treat raw surface water. The revenue is used not only for treatment but to maintain public sewers and to fund Capital Improvement Projects to address infrastructure needs.

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