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R.U.B.Y. Community Beautification Trailer

R.U.B.Y. logo Photo of R.U.B.Y. community improvement trailer Ohio EPA logo

R.U.B.Y. is funded through a generous grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

R.U.B.Y. Reservations

R.U.B.Y.'s Rules

  • Must be used within Youngstown City limits.
  • Trailer may be borrowed for a maximum of three days.
  • Minimum of five households involved in the project or a group of five volunteers.
  • Project must have a designated coordinator.

R.U.B.Y. Forms

What is R.U.B.Y.?

R.U.B.Y. (Revitalization and Urban Beautification of Youngstown) is a 7' x 16' enclosed trailer, full of beautification tools and cleanup supplies that can be borrowed for FREE by residents and community volunteer groups to complete vacant lot and abandoned house cleanups, garden plantings, and any other beautification project you can imagine on public or abandoned land within the City of Youngstown. The trailer is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis, and Green Youngstown will deliver the trailer to and pick it up from the designated project area.

What does R.U.B.Y. include?

R.U.B.Y. contains the following tools that can be borrowed for FREE for use in your neighborhood!

  • Rototiller
  • Weed-whackers
  • Lawn mowers
  • Wood chipper
  • Generator
  • Rakes, Shovels, Brooms
  • Hedge trimmers, Loppers, Pruners
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Post-hole digger
  • Bulb planters
  • and much more...
How do I borrow R.U.B.Y.?

Step 1: Does the project qualify?

Read R.U.B.Y.'s Rules (at right) to see if your group and project qualify and to learn what is required.

Step 2: Plan the event.

  • Read "How To Get Started".
  • Check the calendar at right to see when R.U.B.Y. is available.
  • Use the online reservation request form to request a reservation for R.U.B.Y. You will then be contacted by Green Youngstown.

Step 3: Submit forms.

Upon receiving a reservation confirmation, fill out and submit the following forms two weeks prior to the date of reservation:

Step 4: Drop-off meeting

  • Meet Green Youngstown personnel at the project site to take possession of R.U.B.Y.
  • Conduct equipment inventory check.

Step 5: Have fun with your project!

  • Verify that all participants have filled out and signed participant waiver forms.
  • Take before/after photos of your project work.

Step 6: Pick-up meeting

  • Meet Green Youngstown personnel at the project site for pick-up of R.U.B.Y.
  • Turn in your Participant's Waiver forms with all your volunteers signatures who participated in the cleanup.
  • Conduct equipment inventory check.

Step 7: Post-project


  • Always use good judgment and be safe. Watch out for all of the participants. Keep them in sight.
  • If something looks suspicious or dangerous, call local law enforcement. Do not pick up or touch any suspicious or dangerous item.
  • Promote recycling during the cleanup event. Use local curbside bins or drop off recycling at a Mahoning county drop-off site near the work site.
  • If you need us to remove the trash and debris your group collected, please let us know BEFORE the event so we can schedule a crew to pick it up.
  • Be sure to let us know the success of your event. We provide a Cleanup Summary Form when you get R.U.B.Y.
  • Take a look at your work at the end of the event and note how much of a difference your efforts made.
  • Have fun!

R.U.B.Y. Questions?

For more information about the R.U.B.Y. Community Beautification Trailer, call or e-mail Green Youngstown at 330.744.7526 or