Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (C.I.R.V.)

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The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (C.I.R.V.) is a partnership of law enforcement, social service agencies, and the community to reduce gun violence in the City of Youngstown, Ohio.

Our Mission

To Create an effective delivery system to offer individuals a circle of support enabling them to choose a non-violent path in life.

Overall Strategy: "The Violence Must Stop"

  • Reduce gun violence perpetrated by violent gangs/groups
  • Deliver a focused deterrence message through robust law enforcement initiatives to target chronic violent offenders
  • Offer support services to those violent offenders willing to change
  • Offer violence prevention programming to youth in the community
  • Engage and solicit community participation in delivering violence deterrence message

How It Works

Target young, mid-level offenders for community intervention.

Targeted suppression of violence by law enforcement and justice partners.
CIRV program offers gang intervention through call-in sessions and street outreach.
CIRV program offers secondary prevention options through community anti-gang and anti-violence programs.
Nurture youth with supportive families, educational programs, safe neighborhoods and schools and to aid their development into productive adults.

Get Involved

Why Become Involved?

  • Safer neighborhoods-safer city
  • Opportunities to reach more constituents
  • Businesses attracted to/deciding to stay in the area
  • A larger, drug-free workforce
  • Collaboration
  • Opportunity to "CIRV" your community

Ways to Become Involved:

  • Provide facilities
  • Provide your expertise
  • Create/enhance training, including Leadership Development, Mentoring, Career Counseling, Executive Coaching, Conflict Management, or other
  • Participate in a job shadowing day/internship for a high school or college student
  • Speak to a school or community organization
  • Pledge in-kind/leveraged donation
  • Provide volunteers
  • Pledge monetary donation to support CIRV's mission

Contact Information

C.I.R.V. Youngstown
26 S. Phelps Street, 6th Floor
Youngstown, OH 44503
Office Phone: 330.742.8779
FAX: 330.744.7452
Name Title/Phone/E-mail
William "Guy" Burney Coordinator
PH: 330.742.8779
CELL: 330.398.3311