Youngstown’s West Side

Neighborhood Boundaries: Ax Factory Run to the north, Schenley Ave. to the east, Canfield Rd. to the south and Meridian Rd. to the west.

Aerial View


Kirkmere Park

Winding, tree-covered streets of Kirkmere.

Nestled between the prominent pathways of Meridian and Canfield Roads which connect Youngstown and its southwestern suburban areas lies Kirkmere - a post-war neighborhood.

Wide and winding lanes with an occasional cal-de-sac allows for a quiet, safe, and child-friendly atmosphere. Adding to this family feel is Kirkmere Park, Ax Factory Run (a forested area along a creek), and a few schools. Being built from the early to late 1950s, Kirkmere also offers the appeal of suburban life with the convenience of walkable access to many businesses and places of congregation, including a grocery store, salon, pizzeria, bank, and several churches to name a few. This convenience extends with the general location as well, being roughly a quarter mile from Mill Creek MetroParks and other areas of interest in and around the city.

With roughly 550 single-family homes and both a nursing and retirement home, Kirkmere acts as an evolving close-knit community. Original homeowners and younger families combine in this traditionally, middle-class neighborhood that includes professionals, white-collar workers, working class people, and retirees.

Kirkmere’s accessibility and friendliness keeps this neighborhood both attractive and a great place to live.

Types of Homes

Kirkmere’s housing was built in the 1950s and is comprised mainly of varying Cape Cod homes with the occasional ranch or split-level. The homes vary in material and influence on irregular lots that are roughly a third to nearly half-an-acre in size. Exterior treatments give homes in Kirkmere their individuality; from colonial to modernist influences. Front yard flower gardens, sun porches, and large backyards unify the landscape.

Kirkmere Parade of Homes (PowerPoint, 1 MB)

Home Prices

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NOTE: Home prices are based on median home sales within a twelve month period (9/1/06 to 8/31/07).

Neighborhood Contact

NOTE: The Neighborhood Contact is a volunteer that lives in the neighborhood. This person is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the neighborhood and general city information. They are friendly and look forward to being contacted to answer questions about the neighborhood.

Geri Deluca


"A lot of us are original homeowners and I’m happy to see young families moving in recently because it is friendly and safe. I love my home."
Ellen B., Kirkmere


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NOTE: A number of surrounding communities have open enrollment in their school district. These communities offer private school options, as well. This option is a consideration while living in the City of Youngstown because there is virtually no traffic congestion in the region.

Some schools on this list might offer curriculum for children with special needs. Nevertheless, additional schools do exist in the City and surrounding communities that specialize in providing such services.

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