Youngstown's South Side

Neighborhood Boundaries: Glenwood Ave. to the east, Mill Creek MetroParks to the north, south and west.

Aerial View


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Lanterman's Mill in Mill Creek Park.

The Idora neighborhood is one of the most historic, unique, and beautiful neighborhoods in Youngstown. It is a private little gem tucked into the eastern side of Mill Creek Park, on the south side of the city. The neighborhood previously housed some of the most influential families in Youngstown as well as the historic Idora Amusement Park.

Today, the neighborhood is a quiet retreat with many streets that extend into Mill Creek Park. Many types of people live in the neighborhood such as professionals, school teachers, businesspeople, university professors, retired couples, and young families. Most people have lived in the neighborhood between 15 and 30 years, and some young families are moving into the neighborhood as well. Because Mill Creek Park surrounds the Idora neighborhood on three sides, there are several roads and trails that lead into the park, making it very accessible to those who live in the neighborhood. The Ford Nature Center and Lanterman’s Mill both border the neighborhood, and a variety of stores on Glenwood Avenue provide convenient shopping.

Types of Homes

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Many of the magnificent, large homes are right next to Mill Creek Park.

The neighborhood streets are a unique blend of architectural periods and styles. Youngstown’s influential families built many of the historic Colonial and Tudor style mansions that border Mill Creek Park. The homes on Volney Road are a showcase of architectural styles ranging from Tudor, Federalist and Dutch Colonial Revival, American Saltbox, Craftsman, French Eclectic, and Neo-Romanesque. Many of the homes between Volney Road and Glenwood Avenue are smaller Tudors, a variety of Colonials, Craftsmans, and American Foursquares.

Idora Parade of Homes (PowerPoint, 1.3 MB)

Home Prices

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NOTE: Home prices are based on median home sales within a twelve month period (9/1/06 to 8/31/07).

Neighborhood Contacts

NOTE: The Neighborhood Contact is a volunteer that lives in the neighborhood. This person is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the neighborhood and general city information. They are friendly and look forward to being contacted to answer questions about the neighborhood.

James London


"This neighborhood is in one of the most beautiful sections of Mill Creek Park. There are many roads and trails, and I enjoy walking my dog in the park. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, and the park is so quiet and peaceful I feel like I’m in a huge forest. I feel fortunate to live in this beautiful natural setting right in the middle of the city."
Donna Mower, Idora (Moved from Washington State)

"The neighborhood we live in has children. I enjoy the atmosphere full of friendly people and full of life. I have found it to be a place where people are willing to come together to make a change."
Sounja Dawson, Idora

"We like it here. We have nice neighbors and attend a beautiful church. We have an almost private entrance to Mill Creek Park, the most beautiful municipal park on earth."
Jim Young, Idora (Moved from California)


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In City:

NOTE: A number of surrounding communities have open enrollment in their school district. These communities offer private school options, as well. This option is a consideration while living in the City of Youngstown because there is virtually no traffic congestion in the region.

Some schools on this list might offer curriculum for children with special needs. Nevertheless, additional schools do exist in the City and surrounding communities that specialize in providing such services.

Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood Plan

Idora Neighborhood Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (PDF):