Youngstown’s South Side

Neighborhood Boundaries: Midlothian Blvd. to the north, City limits to the south, Market St. to the west and Southern Blvd. to the east.

Aerial View


Tom and Lady walk the neighborhood every day.

The original stand is open year 'round.

The neighborhood’s namesake comes from Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt, voted one of the best ice cream parlors in the country by USA Today, People Magazine and others. Opening in 1945, the original ice cream stand is still located in the neighborhood.

The Handel’s neighborhood is surrounded with an array of mom-n-pop establishments: flower shop, dentist office, hair salon, an Italian restaurant that makes homemade pasta, just to name a few. The pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is centrally located between downtown and Boardman’s suburban shopping districts (both only ten minutes away by bus or car). The neighborhood was established in the 1930's and is shaded by mature trees.

Handel’s neighborhood offers a quiet, safe, diverse place with beautifully crafted homes. And the best ice cream in the world just down the block!

Types of Homes

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Many cozy porches dot the Handel’s neighborhood.

The Handel’s neighborhood exemplifies most of the popular styles of early 20th century residential architecture. The housing types range from bungalows to American Foursquares to Cape Cods. Architectural styles include Colonial Revival, Arts and Crafts, Tudor Revival, and Mission. Most of the lots are 50’ x 150’ and the majority have detached garages. The properties are well-maintained and the houses exhibit the craftsmanship traditionally associated with the period of construction. Many of the interiors maintain original architectural features such as wood moldings, built-ins, leaded glass casement windows and French doors, giving these houses charm and beauty seldom found in contemporary construction - all for an affordable price.

Handel's Parade of Homes (PowerPoint, 2.3 MB)

Home Prices

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NOTE: Home prices are based on median home sales within a twelve month period (9/1/05 to 8/31/06).

Neighborhood Contact

NOTE: The Neighborhood Contact is a volunteer that lives in the neighborhood. This person is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the neighborhood and general city information. They are friendly and look forward to being contacted to answer questions about the neighborhood.

Tad Herold


"I love the neighborhood and the neighbors. My house has a lot of character and charm and it's very well built. I would have a hard time trying to duplicate it for one in the suburbs."
Ann Booth, Handel's

"I never wanted to live in a cookie-cutter development. I love the originality of our neighborhood. I like to walk and look at the uniqueness of each and every house. It is obvious the builders cared about design and craftmanship. I know I couldn't afford to buy my house, in this type of neighborhood, anywhere else in the country."
Julie Kobak, Handel's (Moved from Cleveland)


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NOTE: A number of surrounding communities have open enrollment in their school district. These communities offer private school options, as well. This option is a consideration while living in the City of Youngstown because there is virtually no traffic congestion in the region.

Some schools on this list might offer curriculum for children with special needs. Nevertheless, additional schools do exist in the City and surrounding communities that specialize in providing such services.

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