Brownlee Woods


Youngstown’s South Side

Neighborhood Boundaries: S. Heights Ave. to the north, Youngstown-Poland Rd to the east, I-680 to the west, and Country Club Ave to the south.

Aerial View


Lynn Playground

Tree-lined Sheridan Road

The Brownlee Woods neighborhood is an elegant, family-oriented neighborhood with a lot of history and a beautiful tree lined boulevard. Brownlee Woods was named after the Brownlee family who were prosperous agriculturalists, politicians, and businessmen.

The neighborhood is conveniently located near Paul C Bunn Elementary School, and also contains a playground, the Brownlee Woods Library, and churches. Most of the homes are single family housing that are owned. Brownlee Woods is a prime location for walking to restaurants or grocery stores, and 10 minutes driving distance from major shopping centers and the mall. Mill Creek Park and Yellow Creek Park are also a short distance away.

Types of Homes

The homes of Brownlee Woods mark two distinct periods of time the late 1910’s through the 1920’s, and then post war 1950’s. The homes from Midlothian to Bancroft represent older mid size Colonial and Bungalow style of homes. The side streets from Bancroft on to Country Club Ave are newer post war Ranches and Cape Cod houses. The main boulevard, Sheridan, which runs through the middle of Brownlee Woods, is a rich mixture of architecture styles from large Colonial, Tudor, Victorian, and even Craftsman style homes.

Home Prices

(units sold in parentheses)

NOTE: Home prices are based on median home sales within a six month period (9/15/09 to 3/9/10).

Neighborhood Contact

NOTE: The Neighborhood Contact is a volunteer that lives in the neighborhood. This person is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the neighborhood and general city information. They are friendly and look forward to being contacted to answer questions about the neighborhood.

Nancy Martin


"I like the neighbors and it is a quiet neighborhood. I lived here 51 years, and I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t like it."
Russell Martin, Brownlee Woods

"We have things that make a neighborhood great. A good mixture of homes and the people that live in neighborhood truly care about the neighborhood. This neighborhood has good home ownership and accessibility."
John R. Swierz, 7th Ward Councilman, Brownlee Woods


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NOTE: A number of surrounding communities have open enrollment in their school district. These communities offer private school options, as well. This option is a consideration while living in the City of Youngstown because there is virtually no traffic congestion in the region.

Some schools on this list might offer curriculum for children with special needs. Nevertheless, additional schools do exist in the City and surrounding communities that specialize in providing such services.

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