Naming & Logo

The name Youngstown 2010 was conceived by the City/YSU planning team back in 2002. Discussions revolved around how often a comprehensive plan should be completed, updated or reviewed. It was also noted that U.S. Census data is compiled every ten years, with the latest year completed in 2000. With that, the name Youngstown 2010 was born!

It has been over 50 years since the last comprehensive plan was started in 1951. The Youngstown 2010 Citywide Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council in the summer of 2005. The comprehensive plan is now in the implementation stage and will be reviewed every ten years for possible updates as directed by a charter amendment passed in 2004 by 74% of Youngstown voters. It is unlikely that any changes will be made because the plan will only be five years old in 2010.

Many projects have begun in the community that compliment the City’s 2010 Vision. For example, the Police Department’s new K-9 unit directly addresses the 2010 Vision principle “Improving Neighborhood Safety”; the new Tree Inventory & Assessment Program coordinated by the City Forester and the Youngstown Planning Department contributes greatly to the Vision principle “A Greener Community”; the mixed-use renovation of the historic Davis Building downtown by a private developer tackles a number of 2010 Vision principles; and expanding Lincoln Park on Youngstown’s East Side by 211 acres showcases the “Being Generous with our Urban Land” Vision principle.

The four swooshes in the 2010 logo represent government, education, business and community. It will be the combined effort from all of these sectors that help implement Youngstown 2010 and that work goes well beyond the year 2010.