Bicycling in Youngstown

Bicycling for Transportation

Bicycling for transportation is easy when you pick the right roads. With this map (click on map at right), expert cyclists have shared what they know about the most pleasant and useful routes around the City of Youngstown. They've worked to find a good road within half a mile of wherever you are, or wherever you'd like to get to.

But not all pleasant roads are rated on this map! Most city streets are fine for cycling, and you may find many others that are useful for you. So use this map as a beginning, but explore on your own. See the sights, meet your neighbors, and enjoy your bike in the outdoors.

The Youngstown, Ohio Bicycle Transportation Map is courtesy of the Outspokin' Wheelmen and the Youngstown State University Center for Urban and Regional Studies. Printed maps are available for $2 each at local bicycle shops and at the City of Youngstown Community Planning and Economic Development Office, 20 Federal Place - 6th Floor, 20 West Federal Street, Youngstown.

Street Rating Definitions


  • know and obey the rules of the road
  • have basic braking and shifting skills
  • can ride straight with no wobbling
  • signal turns and stops
  • prefer to avoid cars
  • are more comfortable making two-stage left turns, by stopping first at the far right corner, then waiting there for traffic to clear.


  • can scan over a shoulder while riding a straight line
  • take a lane whenever necessary for safety
  • comfortably make left turns as a vehicle, especially on two lane or three lane roads
  • can stop quickly when needed
  • can start quickly from a stop
  • are aware of road hazards and know to avoid them.

RED ROADS are suggested for ADVANCED CYCLISTS who also:

  • are comfortable with faster or busier traffic, even with narrow lanes
  • can confidently take their place on any roadway
  • comfortably negotiate with motorists when needing to change lanes
  • easily make left turns by merging into a left lane or a left turn only lane
  • are expert at avoiding road hazards
  • are expert at anticipating traffic situations.

DISCLAIMER: All routes and information shown on this map are merely suggestions intended to advise competent adults, and require caution and discretion on the part of the user. Users of this map do so voluntarily, and bear full responsibility for safety. The City of Youngstown, its employees, associates and volunteers disclaim any responsibility for injuries, damages or losses resulting from use of the map's information.

Bicycle Trails

Several proposals for bicycle trails in Youngstown are under consideration. However, while there currently are no dedicated bicycle trails within the city limits, there are several asphalt "rail-to-trail" paths within a 5 to 20 mile radius of Youngstown, including four completed segments of the Great Ohio Lake-To-River Greenway:

Bicycle Safety Tips

Safety Tips Download (PDF; Courtesy of the Out-Spokin' Wheelmen bike club; includes a free club membership offer.)

Bicycling Street Smarts: Riding Confidently, Legally and Safely

  1. A bicycle is legally a vehicle, and cyclists have full LEGAL rights to the road. Cyclists must obey all traffic laws. Motorists must respect bicyclists as legal vehicle operators!
  2. Ride on the right side of the road. NEVER ride facing traffic.
  3. Obey traffic lights and stop signs. Always stop and yield before entering the road.
  4. Never ride at night without a good headlight and taillight. Reflectors are not enough!
  5. Watch the road surface! Most bike crashes are caused by gravel, slippery spots, potholes, drainage grates, etc.
  6. Use extra care in the rain. Everything’s slippery, and bike brakes don’t work as well.
  7. Use your right to the road! Gutter riding is dangerous! If the lane is wide enough to safely share, then ride far enough right to allow safe passing. If the lane is too narrow then ride further left, so motorists pass only when it’s safe. Ohio law allows you to control narrow lanes!
  8. Use extra care at intersections. Ride lane-centered for visibility. Watch for turning cars.
  9. Never ride within five feet of a parked car. Doors pop open without warning.
  10. Left turns: Look back, signal, yield, move left toward the road center, then complete the turn when it’s clear. If there’s too much traffic, turn pedestrian-style: stop at the right curb just after the intersection, then cross leftward when traffic clears.
  11. Use bike bags or a backpack. Packages carried or hanging can tangle in your spokes.
  12. Use extra care when riding with other cyclists. Touching wheels will cause a fast crash!
  13. Use extra care on paths and trails shared by walkers and children. They’ll surprise you!
  14. Sidewalks are dangerous, with crash rates much higher than roads.
  15. Keep your bike in shape, especially tires and brakes. Can’t fix it? Take it to a bike shop!
  16. A helmet may prevent a nasty bump on the head. But don’t take risks because you’re wearing a helmet. Their protection is limited. It’s much better to avoid a crash!

Remember: Bicycling is a very safe activity, great for your health and the environment. But it's even safer when done correctly!

Bicycle Laws

Ohio's Bicycle Laws - Condensed version

For complete versions, visit

  • § 4501.01. - Bicycles are legally vehicles!
  • § 4511.07. - Local ordinances may not prohibit riding bicycles on the road, and cannot violate uniform rules of the road.
  • § 4511.25. - Bicyclists must ride on the right half of the road, not facing traffic. They are not required to endanger themselves to let others pass.
  • § 4511.27. - Bicycles must pass slower vehicles on the left. They may not needlessly obstruct passing vehicles.
  • § 4511.31. - Motorists may cross a yellow line to pass bikes or other vehicles traveling less than half the speed limit, if it is safe to do so.
  • § 4511.36. - Bicyclists must make turns from the appropriate side of their road or lane (i.e. no left turns from the right edge of the road).
  • § 4511.39. - Bicyclists must signal their turns. Signal only once, and only when you can safely ride with one hand.
  • § 4511.40. - Hand signals: "Slowing or stopping" is the hand and arm down and to the left. "Left turn" is the hand and arm pointing straight out to the left. "Right turn" is the right arm pointing straight out to the right, or the left arm extended up and pointing right.
  • § 4511.52. - Bicyclists must follow traffic laws, and can be ticketed and fined when they don't. Violators may be required to take a bike safety course.
  • § 4511.54. - Bicyclists may not hang on to motor vehicles to get towed.
  • § 4511.55. - Bicyclists must keep right, but only as far right as is safe. They may ride away from the edge of the road whenever necessary for safety - for example, to prevent unsafe passing in a narrow lane, or to avoid surface hazards, car doors that may open, or other objects. Bicyclists are permitted to ride two abreast, but no more than two abreast.
  • § 4511.56. - Bikes used at night must have a white headlight, a red taillight and a red rear reflector, which may be part of the taillight. Bikes must have an adequate brake.
  • § 4511.711. - Local authorities can prohibit sidewalk bicycling.

City of Youngstown Bicycle Ordinances:

  • 303.06 - Bicycles may not be ridden on freeways.
  • 371.07 - Bicyclists must yield right of way to pedestrians on sidewalks.
  • 373.02 - Ride only on a proper bike seat, and keep at least one hand on the handlebars.
  • 373.08 - Reckless operation of bicycles is prohibited.
  • 373.09 - Bikes can't be parked where they interfere with pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • 373.10 - Ordinances for motorized bicycles are much more strict.
  • 373.13 - Bikes may not be ridden on sidewalks or jogging paths in Wick Park.

Local Bicycle Shops

Bicycle Organizations

Out-Spokin' Wheelmen

Join Youngstown's Bicycle Club. Explore the area with us! Rides every weekend!

Out-Spokin' Wheelmen
P.O. Box 838
Youngstown, OH 44501

Ohio Bicycle Federation

Join the Ohio Bicycle Federation - Your cycling advocacy organization, working with the legislature for bicyclists' rights in Ohio.